Fireplace/Built-ins Before and After

Hi guys!! Today I would like to share some pics of our original fireplace and built-ins and how dark and dated it once looked. It has seen various changes over the few years of living here and I still want to make even more changes to it in the near future, but today I thought I would show you how it looks as of now. First, the fun part, lets look at some before's pics.....

I fell in love with these built-ins the moment we walked into this space!

I love the character built-ins add to a room.

We were only moved in a few weeks before I started painting these...

And here is what it looks like now after a big paint job....

So much brighter!

The miracle of white paint!

I kept the cabinet tops a warm stain to tie into the mantel.

By painting out all the original orange toned wood out to Benjamin Moore's White Dove in their Advance Paint, and refinishing the mantel with an antiquing wax this room now feels 1000 lbs. lighter and brighter!! I also painted the brick out white after living with it white washed for a while. I found the white washed bricks didn't quite cover the brown under tones enough, so I opted to just paint it straight out in Benjamin Moore's Simply White.

I know some of you may see these after pics and think "how could you paint over all that beautiful wood!!?" I get it, it's not for everyone. I know me though, colour and my interior spaces can affect me mentally. If a space doesn't surround me with light and brightness then I can get rather down....may seem a bit extreme, but its so true. I need the colour and paint choices in my house to be on the brighter side or I get grumpy. Do any of you get that way??

Well guys, I hope these before and after's were fun to see. I still want to shiplap behind the bookcases and rework some of the "fancier" upper trim work to have more clean lines, but for now it's a happy, bright and airy space to be in!


Dale xo


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