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Saying Goodbye to the "Dark, Dingy Kitchen": Client Reveal

"I'm so tired of my dark, dingy kitchen!"

How many of you have said something similar about your kitchen? This was a problem that one of my e-design and interior decorating clients was recently facing. And, she wasn't wrong. But, we quickly turned her kitchen into the bright and airy area it was always meant to be!


With the dark floors, dark cabinets and brown paint on the walls, this space felt super small and heavy.


To brighten up this kitchen, I suggested a new coat of paint for the cabinets, new light fixtures, new countertops and hardware for the cabinets. I also thought it would be a fun feature to add a faux brick wallpaper to add a pop of an unexpected texture on one of the vaulted walls.

We also wanted a focal point in the kitchen. We found a really unique backsplash, or as I like to call it "the jewelry of the kitchen!"

The Results!

Bringing this design together was a team effort! While the countertops and backsplash were new, we saved a lot in our budget by repainting the cabinets. My clients decided not to tackle this themselves and instead hired a company to take care of the cabinets, repainting the ceiling, and hanging the featured brick wallpaper. They weren't totally happy with us when we told them where we wanted was a challenge navigating over the stairs!

With my client being local, we were able to shop for a few things together but, we did find most of the items online. The lighting, cabinet hardware, and bar stools were from Wayfair and the window shade we found from Amazon. I also found a local company that had great, affordable decor that we shopped from -- local and affordable? Sold!

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover | Repainted White Cabinets with White Countertops
Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover | Repainted Cabinets and Brick Wallpaper

In the initial designs, I suggested two possible countertop options that could work in the new kitchen. We ended up going with the white countertops which turned out fabulous with the new bar stools and painted cabinets.

And can we take a moment to appreciate this great backsplash?

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover | Large Fridge in Middle of Repainted Grey Cabinets
Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover | Repainted Cabinets and Unique Backsplash
Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover | Repainted Cabinets and Unique Backsplash
Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover | Repainted Cabinets

This kitchen turned out fabulous. Even in the pictures, you can see how much brighter and larger the kitchen looks. I'm so happy I could help this client take this kitchen from "dark and dingy" to "bright and airy!"


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