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Selling the Million Dollar Home: Client Reveal

How do you make sure your home sells for top dollar? Staging!

This client was selling this gorgeous home in Calgary, Alberta but was having trouble getting offers. When they sent me pictures of the space, I immediately knew why.


It was hard for buyers to see what each area could function as. For the price of the home, some areas seemed too small or dark, and some spaces just looked like empty zones leaving buyers with the question, "what would I put there?"

The living room was gorgeous. I loved the huge fireplace on the wall and the ceilings, but for how large the space was, it looked like it wouldn't fit that many people. The adjoining dining room was in a similar state with not enough lighting and dark decor that made the space feel smaller.

There was also a bonus space in the basement that the owners didn't really know what to do with. Because they were stuck with its design, so were their potential buyers!

Dining Room Makeover | Home Staging | Small Dining Table with Two Hanging Lights Beside Patio Door
Before Seating Area in Basement | Wall Mounted Fireplace and Dark Shelving


This house was amazing, so the goal of the design was to show the full potential of the home to prospective buyers.

In the design visualizer for the living room, I chose low-profile furniture to make the room feel larger and brighter. We would carry this through to the other two rooms as well.

E-Design Visualizer | Home Staging for a Living Room

The Results!

Can you feel the difference in this space! Now when you look at the space, you can envision having lots of people sit in the area without feeling crowded.

The space also feels expensive, but, most of the furnishings I picked up either second-hand or from Ikea. The two chairs in the living room were a bargain steal I found on Facebook Marketplace!

In the dining room, I used the current table but changed out the lighting and decor to make everything feel brighter. With a larger and light-coloured rug, it makes the dining area feel larger and more inviting.

And finally, the bonus space. I turned this into a little games nook, painting the dark cabinets white and changing out some of the decor. Now as buyers enter the space, they can envision either themselves or their kids, having an area to hang out.

Staged Living Room | Floor to Ceiling Fireplace with Two Couches and Two Chairs Surrounding
Kitchen Dining Area Makeover | Home Staging | 6 Person Dining Table with Two Modern Chandeliers
DIY Games Room Makeover | White Cabinets Surround Wall Mounted Fireplace with a Round Table in the Centre of the Room
DIY Games Room Makeover | White Cabinets Surround Wall Mounted Fireplace with a Round Table in the Centre of the Room

Now the big question. Did the house sell after I staged it? Of course!

This was such a fun project and I'm so happy that my clients were able to sell their home for their asking price and the new homeowners have an idea of what they want their new home to look like.

Bring your space together with a mood board! | Interior Decorating Services



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