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The Modern (and Affordable) Teen Girl Bedroom: Client Reveal

There's one thing I love more than DIY projects -- it's making DIY projects and design affordable! And there is so much you can do with a limited budget.

While chatting with one of the moms at our school, she was talking about updating her daughter's bedroom. She had purchased a gorgeous bedding set but found that it looked a bit drab in the current room.

Of course, I couldn't help but ask more about the bedding and the room, and we quickly discovered this was a project I could help with!


The bedroom was pretty small, with just enough room for a double bed and dresser -- I had my work cut out for me.


We used the new bedding as the basis for our mood board, pulling out the blue and yellow colours for the rest of the room.

Our goal for the bedroom was to brighten everything up with a new coat of paint and take advantage of the entire space by using modern furniture and finishes.

The Result!

This room is such a great example of an amazing transformation you can do for under $1,000!

The first thing we did was remove the large, chunky dresser and bedframe, replacing them with sleek and space-saving options from Ikea. I love the wall-mounted vanity/desk as it gave us space to still have a dresser -- one that we were able to 'shop' from another room in the house.

Pairing the desk/vanity with a velvet chair and gold mirror, this room came together beautifully, giving my client's daughter a young and fresh, yet mature bedroom she'll enjoy for years to come. Although, she may never want to leave home now!

Modern Teen Girl Bedroom Makeover | After Picture
Modern Teen Girl Bedroom Makeover | After Picture

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