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DIY Braided Dollar Tree Pumpkins

Hello friends!

I am in the full-on fall decorating zone now, you guys. The leaves are falling and the air is crisp. I love this time of the year, it's always been my most favourite time to cozy up and get my craft on!

I made these absolutely adorable braided pumpkins with just some supplies from the dollar store (where else??). Today I want to show you how I made these with just a few easy steps and some supplies you probably already have at let's get started!

DIY Braided Pumpkins in Grey, Orange and White | Fall Decor

DIY Braided Pumpkin in Orange | Fall Decor

What You Need:

  • Dollar Tree Styrofoam pumpkins

  • Thick yarn in the colour of your choosing. I chose this brand which I found at Dollarama

  • Knife

  • Scissors

  • Craft paint in a colour similar to your yard (optional)

  • Wine corks

  • Faux greenery stems

Step 1:

Start with your dollar tree pumpkin and remove the stem simply by pulling it out. Turn your pumpkin upside down and carve a hole into the styrofoam about 1.5 - 2 inches wide.

Orange Styrofoam Pumpkin | DIY Braided Pumpkins | Fall Decor