Easy Wooden Planters with MicroPro Sienna

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Hello everyone!

We are in a heat wave here and I have been very busy cleaning up the yard and working on our deck in the back. Our MicroPro Sienna Sanctuary is coming along so great! It feels like it taking forever, as we only have time to slowly chip away at it everyday, but slow and steady wins the race right!? It's going to be so amazing once it's all finished, so be sure to tune into my Instagram channel (link below) to stay updated on the weekly progress of this monster project.

So while I've been cleaning up the yard, I found a large pile of our leftover pressure treated wood. It would be a shame to let any of that wood go to waste. I hate wood waste; it always seems like such a shame especially when you know that wood could be used to create something useful and amazing!

I started to think.....what could be something I could create using some of this wood?? It would need to be something I could use for outside.....hmmmmm. Right away I thought about planters. I could definitely use some new ones for the front of our house on each side of the garage!

My friend has the most beautiful custom planters outside her house and I have always envied them. I would imagine she paid a lot to have hers made, they are so gorgeous and are the first thing you see when you walk to her entrance. I knew that was it! I would attempt to make my own version of some large DIY custom planters to flank our garage.

The first thing I did was measure the brick area in the front of our garage. That would decide the size of my planters. I would want something to fill that brick section but not fully cover it. I decided on a 28" tall planter and around 18" wide.

I gathered up all the 1x6's and 2x4's I could find then started making my cuts. All of the pressure treated wood I am using is from MicroPro Sienna. This pressure treated wood is what we prefer to use for our decking. It's great because they use no solvents in their treated wood, making it a more eco-friendly and safe for garden beds and planters as well...which is perfect for this project! Whoop that makes me so happy!

*You can learn more about their unique pressure treating process here.


Cut list for 1x6's for 2 Planters:

-16 x 17 3/4"

-16 x 13 1/2"