My Favorite New DIY Coffee Table!

*Live Edge Timber Co. partner

Well hey there friends and happy friday! Today I am SO thrilled to be showing you guys a super cool product that I got the privilege of working with this month, Live Edge Timber Co. was kind enough to send me a DIY coffee table kit so I could share it with my audience here and on Instagram!! When they reached out to me I was over the moon excited! I have used their live edge pieces before to build a dining room table top and was amazed at just how easy this product is to work with to achieve the results of the perfect table top. This DIY coffee table was no exception.

When the coffee table got delivered it came packaged all snug as a bug in a rug. Opening it all up smelled like I stepped into the forest at Banff National Park.....mmmmm fresh timber smell!!! I was so excited to get started on assembling this table, that I went straight into the garage to get going!

Before I get building I should first guide you to their fantastic website where you can see just how easy it is to create your own custom DIY furniture as well. Live Edge Timber Co. has a selection of everything from dining tables, mantels, consoles, stair cases, desks and of course coffee tables and more! From this page I started to simply select my metal legs and the size of wood I wanted for the top, then added in the Kreg Driver drill bit, screws and their Omnia wood oil in my colour choice, and that's it!

It couldn't have been easier to build. All of the hard work was already done for you with this company, including all of the pre-drilled pocket holes and the perfectly straight/smooth seams to connect the table top slabs without any cracks or annoying gaps.

*Here you can also watch how I made this table on my Instagram page!

What tools you will need to assemble:

First thing I did to get started was begin the assembly of my table top. I laid out my 3 top boards to see how they should look once assembled. I have 2 live edge 'A' boards to go on each outside of the top and 1 'B' board that will go in the middle section.

Then I flipped all of my boards over, making sure I am now looking at the undersides of each piece and all of my pocket holes. Now it's time to attach all of my pieces together. First thing I did was take my middle board and lightly insert my 2 1/2" screws into each pocket hole. Then I took my Kreg driver into my drill and partially drilled in each screw into the pocket holes just so that when I tilt my board on it's side to apply my glue, the screws won't fall out, but I am also all set to drill before the glue starts to dry.

Applying a good amount of glue.

After I squeezed my glue on, I took a foam brush to paint it across the edge, making sure it's fully covering the wood. Now I can take my board, lay it down and bump it up against my 'A" board and finish drilling in my screws from my 'B' board.

I will repeat these steps with my last 'A' board to connect the 3rd and last piece.

Once I was finished drilling in the last of my screws, I flipped my table top over and decided to remove some of the bark along the live edges. This table will be in our basement around the kids so I didn't want any sharp edges to be poking out. Removing the bark is very easy with a chisel and a hammer.

It's kinda fun to peal it off!

After I took all of the bark off the edge pieces I took my power sander using 120 grit paper to give the edges a light sand to make sure no sharp parts were left behind.

I decided after this step that before I get to the staining part, I would add some extra details to make this table even more beautiful and more me. I went ahead and gave this table top a distressed wood look by just beating it up with various tools I had laying around. I used my hammer to bang the top, my chisel to poke holes that resemble worm holes and then used my draw shaver to give it sharp edgy marks.

Not gonna lie this part is fun for me!! Take out your aggression and just beat up the wood. You can’t go wrong in my opinion.

Now I am all ready to stain the table top. The colour I picked out from their Omnia wood oil selections was cappuccino. I wanted a warm tone to tie into our basement colours without seeming red or too orangey.

When I first applied this colour it did surprise me at first as it was much darker than I had thought. This product is far more concentrated than any other wood stains I have worked with. You also don’t need a pre-wood conditioner with this product so yay for less work!!

This oil penetrates the wood and conditions it as you apply. I started to wipe off my stain after I applied it with a paper towel just to remove any access colour from setting in, and then I saw the beautiful rich wood grain left behind by this gorgeous colour!

Once I finished staining my entire wood top, I stopped, took a step back and drooled over how beautiful it was for a few minutes....

live edge coffee table top
I mean isn't it just fabulous!?

Now, let’s get up close shall we?? We need to take a good look at all of that distressed goodness!!

I seriously love the character it adds to this beautiful wood. Obviously this is not a step you have to do, this was just a personal choice. I love the look of older wood and I knew this could easily be achieved here.

Alright so now all I have to do to finish this table is attach the legs! All I did to attach them is decide where I want to the legs to be positioned and then mark with a pencil where I will be pre-drilling my holes for my bolts to go into.

I should mention that all the bolts came with the table as well! Yet another thing that I love about this company, they take the hard work out of building as make it as easy as possible to create your own pieces.

Ok guys so that's it! The table legs are all on and I am completely smitten with it, even in my dusty dirty garage it looks amazing, so you can imagine just how excited I am to get it down in the basement and see it in it's new home!

DIY coffee table using live edge wood
Slightly in love with this table!! Just look at how pretty!

I carried this table all on my own down to the basement. I couldn't get over how lite weight it was. As soon as I set it down on the rug and placed it in it's new home I honestly felt like it the perfect marriage of furniture and decor, haha! This table was meant to be in this space you guys!! I mean, just take a look at what I am talking about...

Live |Edge coffee table in basement living toom
Gah!!! It's just so perfect in here!!

Well what do you guys think of my new favorite DIY coffee table from Live Edge Timber co.? I think it's so rewarding to build something with your own hands. Usually Curtis does all of the building around here, but not in this case! I did all by myself and love it to bits!