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DIY Dollar Store Boho Blanket

TGIF you guys!! I can't wait to put my feet up tonight and just chill. We've been in and out of a cold snap and it's just about driven me mad. Anyone need a room mate south of the border?? Ugh I am dreaming of warm sun and being pool side again some day!

So speaking of warmth I decided to try out a DIY I saw on Instagram and see if it would turn or not. I wanted to transform an ordinary blanket and dress it up with a bit of boho flare. The DIY looked so easy and attainable!! Attainability is always my number one must have when it comes to "do it yourself" projects. I hate it when I find a project and you need to go out and find some rare wool from Indonesia or something crazy like that, lol. I genuinely like to only try things that anyone can do no matter what their skill set is, and this definitely looked like that kind of project! Here is where I found the idea from on Instagram provided by the talented @inspired_diy20 She has a great account full of boho inspired DIY projects, so be sure to check her out as well!

Alright, let's get into it. First thing you are going to need to do is find an inexpensive plush throw or any kind of throw blanket you don't mind using. I found mine at Dollarama when they were selling blankets. I don't see them there any longer, but Walmart also sells them for $6.97 here in Canada. I loved the soft warm taupe colouring of the blanket and felt it would be a good neutral option.

I decided on an off white brushed yarn for the contrasting stitch. Again, I found it at Dollarama. I ended up using 400 grams of yarn (4 packages at 54.5yd each) to complete my 50"x60" throw blanket.

I grabbed Curtis' right angle and used that as a guide to make sure my diamond shapes were consistent. Then I used one of my kids rulers and wrapped my yarn around the ruler from end to end. Using my hot glue gun I ran a line of hot glue along the edge of the yarn and then paced that along the 45 degree angle and pressed down to stick the yarn to the blanket. After that I cut the yarn at the top edge to open the loops. Once opened you are left with a pretty boho fringe!

You can scroll through the slides below to see how easily it's done....