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How I Painted My Gross Dining Chairs

Well this is a post that's been a long time in the making! I haven't been on the blog in months, but I'm back and have been wanting to commit a post to this DIY project to share with you all!

I recently scored 8 Restoration Hardware chairs on Facebook Marketplace for $450. These chairs were in horrendous condition. I mean they looked like a group of 20 pre schoolers attacked them with acrylic paints, sharpies, orange juice and crackers. They were so filthy! The Facebook posting for them clearly stated that they were in horrible shape and would be a great project for someone willing to take them on. They were all structurally perfect though, so I had to take a chance! I did feel a bit little sick though thinking I just spent money on chairs that looked to be in such poor condition, but my gut told me that I needed to at least try to clean them up and bring them back to their original glory, and if that didn't work I could just resell them!

Now the exact chairs from Restoration Hardware are here and here. They are SUPER pricey!! I seriously can't believe people spend that much money on furniture to only then let them get in so filthy, but who am I to judge!? Their loss is my gain.....I think???

Alright so here's a picture of them when I brought them home into my garage. I wish I took more before pics but I was eager to start cleaning them right away. My original plan was to see if I could just get them all cleaned up and restore their original fabric, but boy was I wrong!