How To Paint Stair Spindles the Easy Way

Hello guys! Long time no blog post, shame...shame!! I thought I could keep up with blogging way better than I have been, but life gets in the way, and all the projects have also been getting in the much so that I just haven't been able to put my fingers to these keys and chat with you guys again via the blog.

Well at least I am here again, two months later, but I am super excited to be here to share with you all another spontaneous project I took on last weekend while visiting my folks...their staircase! I painted their spindles in two days, and boy oh boy is this before and after a game-changer for their foyer!!

How To Paint Stair Spindles the Easy Way | After DIY Foyer Project

A few years ago my parents added on a much-needed front entrance addition to their bi-level home. They created a larger front space by adding on an 8ft x 8ft square entryway.

Before when you would walk into their home there was hardly any space to rest a bag down and take off your shoes, let alone let multiple people come in at once, so needless to say the addition was a very practical solution for their home Along with the entry they laid down new vinyl flooring that also carried on up the staircase.

The flooring they chose was a pretty warm grey tone that complimented the wall colour in their house and other renovations they've made throughout the years. The only thing that didn't quite work was the oak spindles that surrounded the new floors. When you walk into their spacious entry the lovely staircase is the first thing you see.

My mom always knew she would want to paint the spindles one day which is why she never clear-coated the oak (smart lady!) So on the weekend when I was there I felt the energy to just tackle her staircase and only had two days to get it done! So let's get to it, shall we! I want to share with you guys how I did this in 2 days while getting the most beautiful finish and professional look!

How To Paint Stair Spindles the Easy Way | After Painting Oak Spindles

Before I get started I just want to say that my folks live in a very small town and there are very few paint suppliers in the area. I used all my paint products from Home Hardware for this project, but I am in no way sponsored by them for this blog post, all reviews are my own. Having said that, I actually would say their paint by Beauti Tone is one of my most favourite paint brands and I have used it for many projects in the past!

What You Will Need:

  • Fine to medium grit sandpaper 320-400

  • Painters Tape, I like Frog Tape

  • 3 x 4" high-density foam paint rollers and trays, I recommend buying a few of these for the value and it has everything you need

  • 1 quart of primer, I used this one here

  • 1 gallon of semi-gloss or satin trim paint in a white of your choosing, I used this one here

  • 1 quart of semi-gloss or satin trim paint in a contrasting colour of your choosing, I used this one here

  • Angled paintbrushes, I used a shorter one and long-handled one for more detail work

  • Degreaser, I like this one.

*Tip! If you have railings that already have a glossy surface or a sealer on them as mine did at home, use a liquid deglosser like this one to prep them for painting.

*I didn't take a lot of pictures during the process due to the time I had to finish, but I will do my best at explaining each step to the fullest!

First, let's see what we are starting with...

How To Paint Stair Spindles the Easy Way | Before Oak Spindles
How To Paint Stair Spindles the Easy Way | Before Oak Spindles