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Bread Box Makeover

Are we the last remaining people on this earth that eat carbs, lol?!! In a land of Keto and Atkins, Whole 24 or whatever it's called, we are still over here stuffing our faces with fresh bread that we love to grab from the bakery and fresh cookies that I love to bake every week from scratch. I had always wanted a cute bread box to stuff our goodies into but never got around to finding that special one. Well guess what!? I finally found a bread box and boy am I excited to finally have a hiding place for my disastrous counter top corner of carbs .

Anyone else's counter top look like this?

I actually found the cutest blue enamel bread box at Michael's. I was patiently waiting for it to go on sale, checking the flyer every week,but even when it was on sale it was still $30, and heck I'm just too cheap to spend that on a blue box I'm just going to be throwing bread into! The next plan was to make one....I was starting to plan out a simple box to build and of course just when I was about to start making it, I came across this 90's beauty at a thrift store....

I'm sure you've all seen this guy before? I know so many people who owned this very bread box back in the day. Well I lucked out and scored it for $3.50!! I can't even make one for that cheap, so I was very excited with my steal of a deal and brought it home and started to brain storm what I could do with it to make it look like it belongs in the 21st century. So I went through my stash of spray paints and spotted a can of Champagne Pink by Rustoleum. I applied 2 coats and it was doing nothing! The colour was way too sheer to cover this forest green that was still crawling it's way out from underneath. I was so bummed:( In hindsight I should have primed first, but I was too lazy at that moment. For some reason I really pictured a blush pink bread box in my kitchen looking all pretty and shiny in my kitchen, but alas it was not meant to be. One thing I've learned from DIY is when something doesn't work the way you originally planned on it's because it wasn't meant to look that way. Trial and error has always made me experiment with things far more and learn fun and unique ways to create pieces and paint items.

Plan B was in full effect now and I went back to my stash of paint. This time I picked out a chalk paint in the colour Serenity Blue by Rustoleum. I had just finished using this colour on my Kitchenaid mixer in the spray paint version and I just loved it so much....I don't know why I just didn't do this in the first place?? You can see more of my Kitchenaid mixer makeover here. So, I grabbed my paint brush and painted right over top of the pink spray paint that was there. This covered that old green so easily, good bye 90's!! After a few coats of blue I spray painted the entire box in Rustoleum Clear Gloss protective coat.

On the top of the box I decided to sand off the old spray paint and get back down to the raw wood. I figured a warm wood top would contrast beautifully against the blue. I chose Special Walnut by Minwax to go on top and applied 2 coats.

I knew I would want the word "Bread" on the front of the box like you see on so many popular bread boxes now. I was thinking maybe I could stencil it on in black, but a part of me always wants to think outside of the box (no pun intended, hehehe) and try something I haven't seen before, maybe some 3D letters?? I looked through some of my craft supplies and found some cute wooden letters I had bought at the Dollarama and used a few other times on previous projects.

I grabbed the letters and stained them all in the same colour Special Walnut by Minwax that I used on the top of the box. Then I just hot glued them onto the front of the box, and look how cute it's already starting to look!

The only thing left to do was add some cute hardware to replace the dated wooden knobs that were there before. I had a brass cabinet pull leftover from a vanity that I purchased at Ikea. I notice the pulls are no longer available at Ikea, but these ones are alike and could give a similar look. I drilled some new holes to accommodate the new handle on the front of the box.

I lined the inside of the box with some cute contact paper and that was it, all finished! What do you guys think? Hard to believe something so dated and ugly could be brought back to life and fit so nicely in with our current kitchen.

I hope you guys enjoyed this makeover! Be sure to comment below if you have any questions about this new addition in our kitchen.

Have a great day!



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