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My New Ikea Slip Cover from Comfort Works

Yep, you are seeing that correctly....a pink sofa, in my house!!! I never thought I would have colour in my house let alone pink.... but here I am today sharing with you guys my new gorgeous slip cover in the most beautiful pink...or should I say "rose" tone, that even Curtis loves! I wanted to dedicate a post to this company and the quality of their covers in hopes it helps you decide to give your sofa, arm chairs, even dining room chairs some new life too!

*This blog post is in partnership with Comfort Works, but all opinions are my own.

I have been looking for a new cover for my Ektorp 2x2 sectional for a while. Sadly this sofa is no longer available at Ikea, but instead now goes under the Uppland Sofa series. I mean to me it looks exactly the same as the Ektorp, and it's even the same price, but some how it's suppose to be different, possibly it's a bit bigger?? We bought our sectional from Ikea in 2013, and have loved it ever since. For a review of our sectional, you can see that here.

I have a beige, a dark grey and a white cover for the sofa already from Ikea, but they have all shrunk and are a total pain to get on after being washed so often. So I was ready for some new life and hopefully better quality material to bring to our much loved sectional.

I found an incredible company online called Comfort Works. They are based out of Australia and have slip covers in SO many different popular sofas, arm chairs, dining chairs and more! I was so pleased to see my Ikea sectional on there and immediately ordered 8 samples. It's always hard to tell online the true feel and colour of a material unless you see it in person, so to me it was a no brainer to order a few shades to choose from. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly these arrived!

My gut told me to order a fun colour this time as I've been riding the neutral train for sooo long and was ready for a change. I still ordered some of the neutral samples, but I was really leaning towards the fun rose and teal tones. After many days of trying to decide, I eventually chose the Claw Proof material in the colour Velvet Rose.

The Claw Proof material sounded just like what I needed! A strong fabric that is resistant to our dogs sharp claws and material that will also feel soft and luxurious at the same time. I couldn't wait to get my order in and it was so simple to do so! I also went with a classic style, which includes timeless piping, and a slightly loose skirt with subtle corner and end pleats.

Ordering a new slip cover is super easy in a few simple steps.

  1. Pick out your sofa or arm chair, etc

  2. Select your fabric

  3. Choose your style!

  4. *Optional- Choose an add on!

Get started here!

*I chose to add in a bonus of the 3-in-1 USB Multi-USB package. I figured this would be amazing opportunity to always have a phone charger near by....right in my sofa!

It arrived within 4 weeks and once it came I was so impressed with their beautiful packaging! The cover arrived in a lovely white canvas bag.

Once I took the cover out of the bag, I threw it in a wash on a cold short cycle and then just let it air dry as I was assembling it. This helped freshen it up and take out any creases.

Sliding the inserts into the covers was a total DREAM! All the covers are also brilliantly labeled for your convenience.

I had been wrestling with my Ikea covers for years. I personally find Ikea only makes their covers to JUST fit those inserts and of course being cotton they all shrunk over the years, so this was such a breeze in comparison!

And here it is!!!!

I can't even begin to explain how velvety soft this material is! It has instantly made my inexpensive Ikea sectional feel like a high end piece of furniture!

Chloe took no time getting comfortable!

I love the piping detail on this cover. Such a classic design.

What I am loving most about this material is that it's not like the typical velvet that everything wants to stick to. My dogs run around and lay on this sofa everyday and their hair doesn't stick to the material like traditional velvet! To me it's almost like this material is silkier to the touch than other velvets...I wish you guys could feel it!

Here's how to USB extension works that I picked out for my sectional...

I received all of the cable components and velcro attachments separately in a small bag. I didn't see the bag at first and nearly tossed it!! Not realizing it was nicely tucked into the large bag.

I removed the black cover that is a part of the base cover (there are 2, 1 near each arm behind the back cushions) and fed the USB cable extension through the velcro cap, then place it back on the sofa with the velcro attachment.

I fed the cable around the back of the arm and then out the underside of the base skirt. I am lucky and have an outlet at the back corner of our sofa so I was easily able to plug it in there.

Now by each arm of our sofa I conveniently have a place to plug in my phone! How cool is that feature!!?

I hope this inspires you to check out what Comfort Works has to offer. Don't get rid of your furniture...just give it some new love with a beautiful new slip cover!



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