Kitchen Before and After

Who doesn't love a good before and after?? It's one of my favorite things to see in home decor and renovation projects. I'm always in awe of how people can take a neglected, or out dated home and turn it into something modern and stunning with either a few easy DIY's or even some full on renovations.

Sometimes I forget how our house used to look before we made so many changes in here with all our DIY's. Today I wanted to show you some images of our kitchen before we made the changes in here and how it looks today. Even though I'm sure most of you have already seen the afters, its the before pictures that make the after pictures all that much better.

So lets go back shall we? I am talking lets go back only 4 years ago to 2015. Not 20 years ago as it may appear it these pics. This house had all the original charm, I say charm, but maybe its more 90's charm, all the orange oak was still there, not a single touch of new white trim to be seen. The cabinets had no handles on them and I hated the granite more than I should admit. I wanted to replace the counter tops right away, but obviously that didn't happen. I realized after I painted in here that the reason I hated the counter tops so much was because the orange oak was accentuating all the orange rusty tones in the granite, but I'm sure that's why the previous owners had picked the granite to begin with, because it went with the cabinets. I decided when it was time to paint the cabinets in here to pull out the prettier tones in the granite like the greys and creams and use those shades in my paint choices. So here are some before pictures and I have to apologize in advance for the very poor picture quality. I took these well before I ever thought I would be blogging on our house and these are the best I have....

The orange cabinets and black back splash made this kitchen feel dirty to me

No handles!! I don't get that?? Handles exist to make your life easier!

A good view from the living room looking into the kitchen

Yikes hey!? Not only the blurry photos, but obviously the very outdated look of this kitchen! So now lets get to some after pics shall we.....

The biggest changes we made in here was painting the cabinets and adding these cute DIY cubbies in the empty space above the kitchen cabinets.

painted pantry door
I gave this original oak door an old age paint affect to add a warm character focal point to the white kitchen

Island colour is Benjamin Moore Galveston Grey

Upper cabinets are Benjamin Moore White Dove

All hardware is from Ikea

Added DIY kitchen accessories

painted back splash
I also painted out the original glass tile back splash in Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore.

*Update- I recently gave my island light fixture (which I found on Amazon) a makeover using some Rub n Buff. Here's what it looks like now after using the Antique Gold colour.....

Rub N Buff used to give this island light a new look
Heart eyes!!!

Changing the colour of this island pendant gave the kitchen a very pretty clean look

So what do you guys think of this crazy before and after?? I hope by showing this before and after it might inspire some of you to tackle your own DIY kitchen makeover. All of this was changed with just some paint and DIY-ing! We know one day we will want to take down walls in here, open up the space and do a full renovation, but in the mean time I have a much prettier kitchen to look at and enjoy every day.

Have a great day friends!


Dale xo


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