Dining/Living Room Before and After

I thought I would share in this post the dramatic change our front living space has taken on. The original pics in this area always shock me! Its changed so much in here guys. Curtis worked so hard to square off the outdated arches that closed in these spaces as well as adding lots of new trim work including shiplap and some beautiful rustic floating shelves. I finished off everything with new paint and of course new curtains and decor. The original carpet is here still (touchy subject lol) I hate it more than anything!! UGH, my husband enjoys the cozy feel it adds and I think because he grew up with carpet in his dining room and living room he feels its nostalgic maybe?? It's just one of those discussions I haven't won over yet with my opinion, but I know one of these days it will be changed, he said so himself in the future...so I'm holding him to his words, he he he.... but for now its still here, boo!

So lets look at the before's from these rooms so you can fully see how dark and closed in it used to look in here. I should also mention this is a north facing room and hardly gets any sun light, so it was begging for a lot of changes in here to brighten things up.

90's living room
This is the first space you see when you come into the house, not much of a view hey? It was serious need of a Blooming DIY-er makeover, hahaha!

And now for some happy after pics of how it looks now....

Squaring off the arches instantly made this space appear larger and brighter!

The white shiplap not only brightened the space, but added a textural farmhouse layer.

Stop taking pictures and play fetch with ME!

I found this chandelier at Lowes Canada

We added shiplap in this niche and also put up these open wooden shelves to display my white dishes