$200 Basement Bathroom Makeover

Hey friends! I'm so happy to share a fun blog post with you guys today all about my recently freshened up bathroom that required no contractor and no handy man at all! I did this all on my own and it looks like I spent thousands of dollars on it, but sssshhhh I came in at just under $200 for everything I needed to give this space a jaw dropping makeover. Today's blog post is not only to show you some fun before and afters, but to explain all my tips and tricks along the way and most importantly all the sources you will need if you feel so inclined to tackle any of these DIY projects yourself!

Alright so lets get to some fun stuff, what did this room look like before?? Well it certainly wasn't the worst looking bathroom ever to go down in history, in fact there wasn't really anything wrong with it at all. Aesthetically it just didn't go with the rest of our home. We've been slowly fixing up our home these last 5 years by tackling loads and loads of do it yourself projects and for some reason this basement bathroom was the very last room to feel the touch of any paint brush by yours truly!

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As you came into this room before you were greeted by a load and I mean a load of 12x12 slate tiles! These lovely tiles also were all over our master bathroom as well. I know a lot of you are probably thinking, "but Dale, those are so beautiful and great quality"...yes I know that, BUT it's not my taste at all, and just because something is a good product and installed well that doesn't mean I have to settle with it in my books. It always looked grimy and dirty and I never felt like this was a clean bathroom, even though it was.

Here's the basic boring vanity. Your typical oak box vanity, nothing wrong with it, but nothing too special about it either. I debated about taking it out and replacing it with a new vanity, but my goal was to spend as little on this makeover as possible, not only because I love the challenge of a low budget high impact makeover, but mainly almost all of our funds were going towards our new back yard deck we are also in the process of building, so I knew I would have to paint it out and work with what is already there.

To the right of the vanity was a toilet and then a corner shower which was the biggest eye soar of the space...well maybe after the slate!

The corner shower looked yucky and dated. I hated the white plastic surround and those horizontal privacy stripes were an extra eye soar. The inside of it was also awful. The slate and grout was never sealed, so whenever it was used the red dye would leak down and into the white plastic basin and stain it.

To the right of the shower was a huge space that never got used. For some reason this bathroom was built to be very large, but not properly used. This room could have easily had a lovely walk in shower and a large double sink vanity, but sadly they didn't go that route. The previous owners opted for the basics instead which again is fine, but it did bother me how empty it always felt.

So my mission ahead was to spend as little money as possible, filling up the space to be better utilized all while making it look way more modern and most importantly clean and fresh! Well, I think I achieved that you guys and I'm thrilled to show you all the after results and just how far it's come since these before photos. Not everything is done yet though however, we still need new baseboards, and trim, and I am currently looking for some more modern light fixtures, but I still need to share the afters with those of you who maybe don't follow me on Instagram. I did do this makeover back in June, but am finally getting myself to share it on the blog so everyone can see it:)

So let's begin again, and walk into the bathroom with a totally different view. Now when you come in you will see the freshly made over vanity, counter top and faucet! I also added a DIY mirror.