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Spray Paint Your Old Door Knobs

Hello friends! How are you all holding up during your social distancing? I've been on a DIY whirlwind lately since I've been cooped up, but I guess that's not to far off from my normal life lol! Alright so I have yet another DIY to share with you guys today that will help update your old door knobs in an easy way! I get asked a lot about how I spray paint my old door handles so I figured I would put together a full post dedicated to how I painted all of door knobs and hinges, and how they are holding up today. Is it a forever solution? No it's not, but it will give you a good 5 years and you guys know me I love transforming the things I already have with the purpose of creating a big impact with little cost. So grab a few supplies when the time is right, or better yet order form Amazon and get it delivered so you can stay at home as much as possible and lets get spray painting together!


*I've learned a lot from my 15 years of being an esthetician and nail tech. The key to long lasting nails when I would either do regular manicures or artificial gels is all in the quality base coat, middle coat and top coat. You absolutely need these 3 key steps in order to have good adhesion. If you skip the base coat or just feel like not worrying about the top sealer coat, I can guarantee your paint job will not last nearly as long. So why not take the extra couple steps since you are all set up anyways and do it correct the first time!

Supplies Needed:

  • 1 Can of Primer *Update I have experimented with primers and the best one is this one, and even though it's white, that's totally fine!

  • 1 Can of colour spray paint, in the sheen of your choosing (I always go with matte)

  • 1 Can of Sealer, I also use matte

  • Scrub brush

  • Degreaser like Dawn dish soap

  • Sanding sponge in 220 grit

  • Old box, styrofoam blocks or toilet paper cardboard rolls

  • Plastic Drop Cloth

  • Micro fibre cloth or dusting rags

Step 1: