Some of My Favorite Thrifted Finds

Hey guys! Today I thought it would be fun to put together a list of some of my favorite pieces I've found either while at thrift stores or while browsing on buy and sell sites like Kijiji. I have furnished a large portion of my house with second hand furniture. If it's not thrifted it's more thank likely hand made as I'm sure most of you know;) I feel drawn to older furniture or decor. Pieces that tell a story or look as though they have countless memories tied to them. Which is why I thought I would share with you guys a list of some of my most favorite finds that I have found through out the years of collecting...

1: Blush Pink Vintage Velvet Chair

This little cutie sits in the corner of my daughters bedroom and is the perfect sized chair for her to read and have some quiet time on. I have done nothing at all to this chair as it was in perfect condition! Click here if you wanna see how this sweet little corner came together.

vintage pink chair in girls bedroom
I scored this one at Value Village for $22.

2: Bed frame

I was on the hunt for a long time to find the perfect curved bed frame to replace our old one that was in here. Just when I was about to give up on my hopes and dreams of an affordable bed frame and buy something brand new, I happen to see this beauty pop up on line and I snatched it up in a heart beat!! Here you can see how I gave it a makeover from it's original orange toned colour.

I found this one on Kijiji for $100

3: Piano

This was all my husbands doing guys! I had no desires to own a piano! He was determined to find one and have it in our front living room. When he found one, he hired piano movers to bring it into the house. It was his desire to learn to play piano, and for a while he did play a bit, but now this is 100% our daughters baby. She takes piano lessons at home weekly and has fallen in love with the instrument. We love to hear her play and so enjoy witnessing her passion for learning more music on here. I kept it in it's original colour for a while and then eventually bit the bullet and chalk painted it in Annie Sloan's Old White and then distressed it a bit. I love how much brighter it is now and it's one of my favorite pieces to decorate.

We found this on Kijiji for free and then paid $200 for piano movers to transport it and deliver it into our house.

4: Wing-back Chairs

I have lucked out with finding lightly used second hand chairs for our home. These ones below are my most favorite chairs in the world!! I have moved them all through out my house. I wish they could be in every room, maybe that's why I move them so much, haha! These gorgeous chairs were custom made by a local chair guy. They have such a beautiful detail with their contrasting materials of burlap and linen.

wingback chairs in livingroom
I splurged on these at $200 a pop and found them on Kijiji!

These chairs below are a particular chair my husband wanted. He sat in them in a waiting room of a department store once and fell in love with how deep and low they are. They really are the perfect man chair, that's also attractive and not one of those bloated leather beastly chairs that we have all seen in a man cave or in a corner of a living room and hasn't moved for 30 years, he he he, you guys know what I'm talking about!

*Here you can find them brand new.

I also found these chairs for our bedroom on Kijiji for $100 each.

5: Vintage Steamer Trunk

When I saw this large trunk at a garage sale I initially walked passed it as they were asking $60 for it which to me seemed high at the time. I tried to get it out of my head as I drove away, but I couldn't stop thinking about it, and by the time I got home, I turned the car right around and went straight back to the garage sale!! When I got there I saw a lady looking at it, but after she debated about buying it for a painful 2 1/2 minutes she decided against it and walked away.... so you know I swooped right in her place! I offered the seller $40 and she accepted! It was originally a forest green and in rough shape. I eventually chalk painted the metal body in a creamy white and lef