How I Gave a $100 Cabinet a Restoration Hardware Look

I am super smitten guys! I found the most incredible glass french door cabinet second hand for only $100!! I happen to come across the ad for it on Kijiji. I could some what make out the grainy dark photos of some beautiful french doors and a separate 3 drawer base. The ad was horrible, the pictures were dark and the hutch was in 2 pieces with the doors off. I looked at the posted date of the ad and it was back in August of 2019! Here we are January of I thought there must be something wrong with it?? So we decided to go and take a look at it anyways.......I mean for a $100 why not go and see it in person right?

We packed the kids up in the truck and made the half hour drive in -30 degree weather! When we got to the storage unit the seller tells me he originally had it listed for $400 and no one was interested, so he lowered it to $200 then down again to $100!! Lucky me I thought! I literally took one look at it, threw $100 at the seller, tied that bad boy down with frozen hands, then sped off like serious bandits.....a definite "START the CAR!" moment! So here we are today you guys, here we are with how I gave this glass door cabinet an easy rustic RH/Pottery Barn paint finish in only 2 1/2 days!! So lets get to it shall we....

Supplies Needed:

  • So there are 2 routes you can take before I get started on the supplies you need. One is to make your own chalk paint out of latex paint. I always try to use less expensive paints when I make my own. There is the odd brand that does not like Plaster of Paris. I know one for certain is Valspar, so avoid that one. I usually go with Behr paint when I make mine, which has always worked out great for me. Here is my go to recipe:

Or you can use ready made chalk paint, like this brand. The colours I am going to recommend to you today are colours by Behr, so from what I have heard you can get them to mix their ready made chalk paint with these shades as well.