Guest Bedroom Before and After

Hello guys! I thought I would share with you all the changes of our guest bedroom today. I was so smitten with the fact that we had a guest bedroom upstairs in this house for our company. This is the first house we found that had 4 bedrooms upstairs. This guest bedroom is right at the top of the stairs and conveniently next to the bathroom. This room has seen a few makeovers since we have lived here. I change my mind so much with decor, nothing really stays the same way for very long around here, haha! Lets take a look at this bedroom from when we first moved in...

Here it is when we first moved in, haha, so funny to look back! Why is that table randomly left there?? I have no idea!

Eventually I painted the walls a creamy white and moved the bed to this wall and attempted to decorate with leftover stuff I had kicking around.

Getting better right? My decor style has evolved a bit over the years I think. I was trying to channel my inner farmhouse girl here!

I eventually found a "new" second hand bedframe and added wallpaper in here! Lucy was admiring the changes.

Then I decided to tone down the orange wood and gave the bedframe an antique white washed look.

I chalk painted my existing lamps and then made a new striped pillow cover out of an Ikea rug. This are getting better in here!

And now lets look at how it looks today! I just love shades of pink and feel hesitant to add it to our own bedroom in case Curtis thinks it's too feminine so I figured why not have my fun with the colour in the guest here's what it's looking like now....

guestbedroom makeover with wallpaper and painted bedframe
I just looooove the blush tones with the soft green accents. It creates a soothing, cozy feel in here now.

  • knitted throw from Maisons Simons

  • pink throw and pink pillows from Home Sense

  • large white pillows and green pillow from Ikea

  • end tables are from Target

  • bedframe was a second hand find, but originally from Leon's furniture

  • wallpaper is from the Magnolia line, I purchased it here

It's crazy looking back at that first photo and seeing what changes I've made in here from when I first started decorating in this space. I'm sure it will change a hundred more time, haha, but for now I love this space and kinda wish it was my very own bedroom!!

Tell me what you think of our guest bedroom makeover in the comments section below.

Thanks for popping by!


Dale xo


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