DIY Aged Clay Pots

Hello friends! I'm excited to share a simple way to add vintage looking clay pots to your home decor today. One day when I was at Dollarama I saw a whole wall of clay pots just staring at me. I love the look and simplicity of clay pots and the way they can be used not only outside, but also inside for faux plants. I knew with their inexpensive price point that I could stock up on a few and try to do something creative with them. I think in this easy DIY post you will see I took them from its original boring brown to pots that look like they've aged outside naturally!

*You can check out my Instagram video tutorial here as well.

What you will need:

  • Clay pots in the sizes of your choice, Dollarama, Dollar Tree

  • Drywall Compound, I got mine at Lowes

  • 3-4 different shades of acrylic paints or leftover paints

  • Gloves (this is messy)

  • Sanding block

  • Metal scraping tool

  • Paint brushes or make up sponges

Step 1:

Put your gloves on, this stuff is very messy! Be sure you have some old paper or a drop cloth under the area you are working. I grabbed the compound with my fingers, but you could also use a spatula. No special technique here, just smear the compound all around the pots until they are fully covered. Once its fully covered I sort of took my fingers and drew circles into the compound and then patted it with my finger tips as well to give it that extra textured look. Try not to apply it super thick or it will crack off. I made sure I also applied the compound about 2" around the inner lip of the pot as well.

Step 2:

The compound dries very fast so you can start painting your pot pretty quickly. First thing I did was took a grey shade with my chalk brush and sort of stippled it onto the compound. I didn't fully cover the pot, I just wanted there to be a base of a dark shade. After the grey colour dried I stippled on a medium green shade, and then the last colour I dry brushed on was a light grey shade.

Step 3:

After all of your paint has dried, take your pot outside and sand around the areas where you painted to distress the pot. Then take your metal scraper and sort of chip away at some of the areas of paint to make it look sort of scratched and banged up.

*Step 4 Optional:

You can seal them with an outdoor sealer if you want them to be outside. I kept mine inside so I didn't use any clear coat sealer on them.

painted clay pots
The different layers of paint really give these pots extra charm, and the blues and greens tie in nicely with my decor.

I filled my pots with faux greenery from Michael's and Ikea...

clay pots displayed above piano
...and I displayed them above my piano

This is such an easy craft to do if you ever want to add some texture and character to some clay pots. What do you guys think of these little cuties!? Leave a comment below:)

Have a great day!


Dale xo


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