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Basement Family Room Before and After

Okay, so this is one heck of a before and after that proves you can completely change your home with DIY's!!! We have done many projects down here, but before all our hard work, we never really came down here before due to the dark depressing feel of the space. Much like the upstairs, the basement was never touched or renovated to look more up to date, but the size of basement is so great and gave us lots of room for our family to hang out and watch movies. This basement has a great sized open space that has a family room with a corner fireplace, a hobby room, and a large bathroom. There is no bedroom down here, which some people may not like, but it works for us, if we ever have extra guests that are here and want to sleep in the basement, we pull out the good ol' inflatable mattresses and they can have their run of the place!

So lets check out a few before pics of the family room....

basement family room before renovations
The corner fireplace was so dark and lacked any character at all. The dark colours in this space made this place feel more like a dungeon than a pleasant family room we wanted to hang out in.

This niche area was already getting sized up for the new TV here. I knew this would be the perfect little spot to turn into a feature area with some shiplap one day.

And now for the best part, the afters.....

cozy basement family room with fireplace
What a change right!? I am absolutely in love with this family space now that all of our DIY projects have come to life

DIY Ikea hack tv media unit
This niche inset got some new shiplap and we built a DIY media unit to fit under the new television. We also wrapped the existing dry wall bulk head in wood to make it look like a beam.

corner fireplace in basement living room with subway tile and rustic mantel

The dogs love this space!

I so wish I had more before pics to share with you guys, but I never really came down here to take any pictures. Like I said earlier, once upon a time this was never a space I wanted to be in, so I was never down here with my camera snapping pics. Although from the first two images of the before you can surely imagine how much this space has dramatically changed over these last few years.

I have to say though, this is now my favorite spot in the house! I never could have imagined that it would have come together this well in the end. Curtis has worked so hard in this room, and he continues to work down here most weekends on the rest of the basement. He's really an incredible guy, and thankfully seems to enjoy the work.....he must or he would be complaining a heck of a lot more at all my demands, haha! I can't wait to share with you all the other changes we are making down here, the staircase being one of them...eek it's looking great so far!! If you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen some of those exciting changes to the staircase already! To me, it's just so much fun to see it all coming together. Slowly but surely we are getting there one project at a time:)

Alright, gotta run and go make lunch for the kiddo's! Have a wonderful day guys!


Dale xo


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