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Turn a Laundry Basket into a Tree Skirt

Happy Wednesday friends! I have the sweetest little EASY DIY for you guys again today. This one was such a fun project to do, and I couldn't wait to share it with you all so you guys can stop before you spend $40 or more on a tree skirt and instead just make one yourself! The best part about this DIY (aside from the cost savings), is that you can customize it with whatever colour you want to go with your Christmas decor. Alright so lets get to it. This is gonna be a quick post too, cause it's just that easy.

Here's all you need:

  1. Chunky yarn in the colour of your choosing. This one is the best. I also used this one, on my second basket, but it wasn't as full looking.

  2. Dollar Store round white laundry basket

  3. Scissors

  4. Exacto Knife or a serrated knife

So the first thing you will need to do is cut the base off of your cheap laundry basket. I should mention that I purchased my small laundry basket at the Dollarama, but I bet you can find similar ones at whatever dollar store you have near you. Or you could probably find bigger ones at Walmart if you wanted to make one for a larger tree.

Ok, so I did ask Curtis to cut the base of mine off because I had no time that day and he was just watching football (insert eye roll, lol) so he decided to take it into the garage and use some cutting tool on his Dremel, but my plan was to just use a serrated knife. Use whatever method you think is safe to cut yours. Be sure when you cut yours that you have enough of a plastic rim to wrap your yarn around at the end to finish it off. I left about 1 inch.

Let's do this!!

After yours is cut you can now start to wrap your yarn around the basket. To start I cut about a couple meters worth of the yarn and attached one end with a small knot and made sure to tuck the knot on the inside of the basket so that you don't see it.

Once your yarn is knotted you are now ready to start wrapping in whatever pattern you like or choose. I chose a subway tile staggered sort of look. I weaved it in and out horizontally across the basket. I would skip over every 3 pieces of the vertical plastic.

When I got back to the beginning knot I started weaving 1 row back of where I began so that I didn't have an entire row of the white plastic laundry basket showing. This sort of gave it that staggered look. Again you don't have to do this pattern, you can do whatever you like, maybe try weaving vertically, or make X's or anything for that matter! It's a canvas to be creative with!

When I would get to the end of the yarn I would attach the end with a knot again and tucked it on the inside. In that same spot I will begin again with another piece of yarn and start weaving. Sometimes my staggered look got a bit off because of where the yarn ended, but I just sort of got back on track again maybe having a section a little different, but trust me you won't notice and it's going to look good no matter what.

Once I finished weaving across the basket I now was left with the bottom and top still showing. I decided to just wrap my yarn around the edges to created almost like a bottom skirting. It looks really cute too.

I even wrapped around the handles to cover them too the same way. I looped through the holes twice to get a more full look. I did this same look on the top.

Once you are done finishing off the top and bottom of your basket, you can now embellish the rest of the basket where any parts of the plastic are still showing. I covered a few parts with some extra thinner chenille yarn I had. It thought it would also be cute to add tassels, little pom poms, or even little snowflakes...whatever you like

I decided to leave it like this and that's it I was done! How easy was that you guys!? I mean so little cost, and such a unique and interesting way to add that extra cozy feel to the base of a tree. This smaller basket fit perfectly underneath my 2 flocked Walmart trees I had. Now I need to make another for my bigger tree:)

I hope you guys enjoyed this easy peasy project!! I know I did, and think it doesn't look tacky either, this could pass for a Pottery Barn product I think, hey hey!!? Well at least I think so, lol!

Well if you guys have any questions or comments you would like to leave me, just shoot them down below in the comments section!

Enjoy your day you guys!



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Crystal Mcgathy
Crystal Mcgathy
Dec 22, 2022

This is genius! Does anyone know how many bundles of yarn it takes?


Did one basket take a full bundle of yarn? Going to purchase yarn to make these!! I love the chunky look of the basket!! so cute

Dale Wedge
Dale Wedge
Nov 16, 2021
Replying to

Sorry getting back late! I believe this did require one full package of yarn

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