Painted Stenciled Floors

Hello all, I’ve been on a mission since I did this DIY a while ago to one day get a blog post written up to fully explain to you all how I stenciled both my linoleum and slate tile floors to get the look below!

painted stenciled slate tile bathroom floors
..on slate tile

painted stenciled linoleum floors
...and on linoleum flooring

I guess a good thing about not getting this website done earlier is that now I can explain things with a lot of the answers to the FAQ’s I’ve received from my Instagram account. The first place I took a crack at painting floors was our kids bathroom which had some boring white linoleum floors before, so I decided to try it in there first, and guess turned out SO great that I knew I would be doing it in our master bathroom eventually! I gave it about a year to really test the durability of the painted floors with the constant traffic of our two kids before I decided on tackling the beast of our master bath. I was determined to get it looking brighter and cleaner in there and I knew I could get it done with some paint supplies and a good show to binge watch on Netflix. The before and after pics of our master bathroom are probably my favorite before and afters of our house. The power of a bit of paint completely transformed the space. We know one day we will be fully remodeling in both of these bathrooms, but for now I am so smitten with my hard work in these spaces and I am in love with how much brighter and updated it looks in there now. Alrighty, so enough rambling, lets get to this project!

*You can also watch my Instagram tutorial video here on this project.

What you will need:

  • 1 stencil of your choice, I bought a 12”x12” stencil from the brand Art Minds at Michaels

  • 1 quart of Zinsser Bullseye 1-2-3 Primer

  • 1 quart Rustoleum Chalk Paint in usually a lighter colour of your choice, Lowes or Home Depot

  • 1 quart Rustoleum Chalk Paint in usually a darker contrasting colour of your choice

  • 1 quart Minwax Polycrylic (I used Clear Satin)

  • 3-4” foam paint rollers, I buy mine at the Dollarama

  • Small paint tray

  • Tin foil (I like to use tin foil to line my paint trays rather than buying the liners)

  • 1 Large high quality paint brush, I prefer Purdys brushes, Home Depot/Lowes

  • 1 small angled paint brush (an old make up brush would work)

  • 1 Role of painters tape

Snapped a pic of the stencil when I was at Michael's

Step 1:

First thing you will want to do no matter what surface you are working on is wash that surface! I mean really wash it, use a good floor cleaner or a degreaser product safe for floors. I used PineSol and made sure I thoroughly rinsed off any residue afterwards.

Step 2: