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My Favourite New Paint Colour

*I first off have to say that this blog post is in no way sponsored. All opinions and reviews are my own, however I do make a small commission off of affiliate links!

Alright lets get to the good "new" (second hand of course) painted mid century (I think) dresser! You guys this beauty of a dresser had me at those handles, and clean lines I had heart eyes instantly!! I saw this piece as I was scrolling Facebook Market Place and after my internal gasps, I quickly messaged the seller and said I would love to see it immediately...he said he had someone coming and would cancel the appointment if I e transferred him now....gulp!!! What's a girl to do?? Do I be shady and allow him to let me cut in line and buy it out right without even seeing it!? Or do I do the right thing and allow the first come first serve basis stand?? Well my conscience told me to do the right I messaged the seller and said I would wait and see what the other person decides first..............then I waited........didn't hear anything back, ahh!

You guys I should never be left alone for an hour with my own thoughts and a piece of furniture at stake!! LOL! I couldn't take it....I needed it...I don't know why!? I already had a dresser and I didn't have this on my radar to purchase whatsoever, but you know when you see something and you just fall in love, and then start already placing it in your home and decorating it in your mind?? You guys know what I'm talking about right? So I'm sure you guys can guess what I did next, I messaged the seller and took a huge gamble and said I would take it and send the money without even seeing it!!! I know, I know, I'm a bad bad person...first of all cutting in line, and never having seen it in person! What have I become?? I felt bad, but I did think to myself, it's not my choice....I'm not the bad guys, if he wants to sell it to me first, that's his I right?

Ok so now that that back story and furniture confessional is off my chest lets get to this fun makeover shall we!? I knew I would be painting this piece. I felt like those gorgeous handles were not popping and were too blended in with the current wood tone. I was originally thinking dark, like a dark green, or black even, but one day while my girl friend and I were chatting about home stuff, she said to me, "hey why don't you paint it pink?"....She suggested this cause she was about to paint her bedroom a beautiful colour called Batik by Benjamin Moore and she said her hubby loved and approved it and even said it was a masculine pink!! I was some what sceptical, but after seeing her paint swatches I knew I had to go in that direction!! First problem to win over Curtis, a former military police officer with putting a pink dresser in our bedroom?? Hmmmmm what am I gonna do and how can I make this happen??.

I came across my Fusion Mineral Paint swatches I had laying around and took one look at the colour called Damask. To me it looked like a moody pink...not a feminine pink. I went on Pinterest right away to search pieces painted in that colour and once I saw inspo pics of gorgeous pieces of furniture painted in this colour, I knew it was the one and I was sold!! Now to try to sell Curtis. I took lots of advice from my IG stories followers and showed him the paint swatch only and was careful not to call it pink, lol! So Curtis quickly glanced at it and said "yeah I like that, it looks like clay"......WHOOP!!! I instantly texted my paint lady (yes I have a paint lady on speed dial) and said I needed to pick up Damask the very next day!! There's no time to waste here people!

Before I knew it I was in the garage, full heaters a going, sand paper in hand and already prepping my new piece to be painted for the next day, haha! I don't mess around...I need to get this done before he changes his mind, lol! So prepping this piece was actually easy as it was in good shape. All it needed was a really good cleaning and sanitizing first. I always like to wash my pieces first with either a Lysol or Mr. Clean all purpose cleaner. I love the fresh smell it provides as well and really cuts any grease that's built up over the years (wow that sounded like a commercial) Oh and I just used Lysol wipes to shine up the handles too!

After it was washed I gave everything a light sanding. I get asked this all the time, if I sand first....and the answer is always yes!! No matter what paint I use, no matter what the instructions say, I always think it's just a smart extra step to take to ensure good adhesion, and really I'm not putting much effort into's just a fast couple swipes over everything to rough it up a bit and create that "tooth" for better bondage. I like to use a fine grit paper, preferably a 150 or 220 grit.

Once I got the Fusion Mineral paint from my paint lady, I put my first coat on. Here's the brush I used. I have painted so many pieces of furniture in my last 10 years of experimenting and there are a lot of good brushes out there and I do have a few favourites, but for doing a piece of furniture like a dresser where the majority of the piece is flat, I prefer to use a flat brush. Just always check the bristles, if they feel stiff and scratchy, more than likely your paint finish will look scratchy, so do the touch test and make sure the bristles feel silky and soft so your finish will appear flawless as well.

My honest thoughts on when I first applied this paint is that there is a seriously amazing amount of colour coverage in just one coat. I can tell there is a lot of pigment in this paint! It goes on so beautifully with just the first coat, but you do have to be careful you don't over work it too much as I find it almost starts to erase itself. Just be careful you use long continuous strokes the best you can. Here's a little clip of my applying it in my garage....

I brought all of my drawers inside to paint while I watched tv....actually I planned to paint them while the hockey game was on and Curtis was also in the room and in a super happy mood. Sports=happy husband.. I painted them right in front of him just to see if he would notice anything and have an opinion. After I was almost done the last drawer I hear him say as he looked at the drawers "is that pink!?".....dun dun dunnnnnnn!!!! I just looked at him and said "no it's clay! Remember this is the colour I showed you on the paint sample and you said it looked like clay"....hahaha! He rolled his eyes...I think he knew that he now was going to have a pink dresser in his bedroom. And why not anyways!? Pink is awesome and theres no need to think only girls have to like is manly too in my opinion.

I know Lucy, it is a yummy colour!

So after "pink gate" was over that night, I allowed this first coat to dry over night and came back the next day to apply one more coat on everything. I felt like 2 coats was enough to fully cover the old wood and give the perfect colour. I purchased my paint locally, but you can also purchase Fusion on Amazon. It's a bit pricy yes, but you get what you pay for! I only used half of my 500ml container for this dresser makeover, so I still have lots left of this colour to play with.

I decided to apply a top coat to my dresser with the same brush I used for the paint process (washed and fully dried of course). Now I know Fusion has a built in top coat and after I think it's 27 days your paint will be fully cured so a top coat is not required, however I decided to apply that one coat of extra sealer anyways....wouldn't hurt right?? Here's what I used as my extra top coat and I have to say I loooooove it!! It gave this piece the most silky soft feeling! This dresser was like butter after that top coat dried and I couldn't stop touching it, lol!

Once the dresser was brought up into our room and placed in it's new home I wanted to start styling it instantly, but I learned pretty quick that this paint will chip right away if you start placing things on it or banging into it. I got a couple small knicks on the dresser top and the drawers from closing them. So be mindful that if you are to try this paint and then use your piece of furniture right away, use with caution and be super gentle!! It really does need about a month to fully cure to be durable and scrubbable.

So me being me I waited a whopping 24 hours before I got it all dolled up. I just am NOT patient and I couldn't wait to show you guys on my IG stories and of course here on the blog! So let's take a look at it a bit closer shall we....

Drooooooling....I just loooove this manly pink!!

No more blended in they pop and shine with this pretty shade!

I definitely wish we didn't have the tv above this pretty dresser, but rather a nice mirror! Oh well, Curtis can have his tv here and I will have my lovely shade to stare at!!

So what do you guys think of this colour?? Would you be ready to commit to a colour like this in your bedroom? I just love it you guys and Curtis hasn't complained once...he did roll his eyes a few times, but meh I can handle that haha!

Let me know your thoughts on Fusion Mineral paint too! Have you used it? Any tips for others using it? Share in the comments below!

Have a lovely day friends and thanks for stopping by!



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