Easily Frame Any Canvas

Hello friends, this is my first blog post of 2021!! Wow I had one busy busy January and didn't get the chance to pop on here once. I hate being away from the blog...to me it's a my little happy place to write down some creative ideas and share them with you guys in more detail. Today is another simple project that makes a lot of impact with minimal effort. I am sharing how you can add a wooden frame to an art canvas of any size. I'm sure you even have a few art canvases kicken around already, well take a look at them and visualize just how much more gorgeous that piece will look with a pretty frame around it!!

This is so easy, you just need a handful of supplies and a few minutes of your spare time. Let's get into it....


  • I used 1" x 2"x 8ft Spruce boards because my frame was 2" deep. Be sure to measure and get the size of wood according to your frame, but the 1x2" will work with most canvases.

  • Wood Glue, I like Gorilla Wood Glue

  • Hand saw or miter saw

  • Stain or paint in the colour of your choosing

  • Sand Paper

  • Spring Clamps

I decided to give my bedroom a mini makeover with some new DIY throw pillows I made by cutting up an old brown throw blanket, and by painting my shiplap feature wall Benjamin Moore Dark Pewter. Once it was all completed I knew my boat pic would be the prettiest addition against the green wall and add to the warm earthy tones I was going for in here. This is an older piece I found at Home Sense Canada and it's just one of those pieces that I could never get rid of. The soothing scene of the boat on a calm foggy lake just speaks to me and I've had this piece on and off for years above our bed. Only thing is once it was hung up I felt it needed to pop more and I knew making another easy wooden frame would do just that!

Step 1:

I bought my wood from Home Depot. I ended up buying 2 x 8 foot pieces just to be sure I had enough as I forgot to measure my canvas before I went to the store, woops!

I measured the height and the length of my canvas and it was 17" x 37". I knew I was going to need an overhang with the frame edges on the top and bottom of the picture. The actual size of the wood, although it says it's a 1 x 2", it's actually 3/4" x 1 1/2". I don't know why wood measurements are always rounded up?? It really does make things more complicated than it needs to be. So using my miter saw I cut 2 pieces at 17" long, those are for the vertical sides of the canvas and then I added on another 1 1/2" for the length of the top and bottom pieces to account for the over hang on each end. So I ended up cutting 2 pieces at 38 1/2" long.

Now if you don't have a miter saw or power tools just use a good ol' hand saw!! I've used a hand saw for so many projects before I even knew how to use any power tools. Please promise me though if you do use a hand saw that you use it safely. It's so easy to get hurt using a hand saw...you think you can just set your piece of wood loosely down and start sawing don't you?? Well let me be the first to tell you it's not that easy....you MUST clamp down your piece of wood onto a work surface or table first to anchor it securely into place then start cutting. You don't want that thing wiggling around and you trying to hold it down with the other hand, only to have that saw slip and cut you, ouch!!