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DIY Hood Fan Cover With Storage

Well this was an unexpected success!! I say that because almost all my larger scale wood working projects are done by Curtis, but this one was all me! Curtis said he would help me out in making this hood fan cover, but he said I would have to wait until the fall....ppppfffttt, as if!! I can't wait that long! If I want something done, I want it done now! Anyone else guilty of that?? So in this case I decided it was about time I try to tackle a larger wood project myself and just make it happen! I mean I can use a saw and drill, so how hard can it be right??

So here's what I was starting with. Your standard build hood fan with cabinets above the stove. It lacked any character, and was rather boring. I had already added the cubbies above the cabinets to fill in that dead space, and also recently had the subway tile backsplash done.

I knew I wanted a custom looking hood fan cover, but also knew I couldn't afford to loose the storage in the cabinets above. Our kitchen is still very much original and small. So I had to figure out a way to still have access to the cabinet space while creating a custom looking piece. I took a look on Pinterest and came across this blog post by Simply Beautiful by Angela blog.

It was a genius idea! Create a cover that hinges on the top so I can open it like a garage door almost. Wahoooo!! I was so thankful I found her post and was eager to figure this out.

I was lucky that my existing hood fan had the buttons accessible from the bottom. If yours doesn't, there are inexpensive options you could consider to replace yours for under $200. Here's one that I found at Home Depot you could check out as an affordable option.

I really had to customize this entire build as the cabinets that were surrounding the area were stuck out by a 1/2 inch and I only had a small space to work in before I started to run into the cabinet doors swinging open. You will more than likely have to do the same as not all kitchens are created and built equally

Alright so let's get started! The first thing I did was remove the cabinet doors from above. Then I brainstormed building a box base for the hood fan cover. This base would be my foundation for everything else above to get attached to.

Supplies Needed for Base Box