E-Design Services


$400-$500 per room
i offer multiple room discounts
to inquire for further pricing please email me here 

*Please note all prices are in Canadian dollars

  and I provide E Design world wide

How To Get Started

This is such a fun and easy process and I just love providing this service for people!  All you have to do is email me some pictures of the room(s) you need help with, along with some measurements of your space.  After my initial view of the pictures we will chat further to discuss your most important wants and desires for your space(s).  I usually just chat with people over email, but FaceTime is also great too!  I want you to be happy in your home, so don't hold back on anything!   Send me inspo pics, your favorite colours, a picture you were inspired by, whatever it is to help me make your decor dreams come true!

Email me some pictures of your space...

Your E Design Package

Floor Plan

With every design you get a unique floor plan that I've created just for your space.  Most of the time people have great furniture or pieces already in there home and sometimes they just need a little guidance or that 'extra set of eyes' with how to rethink their own spaces and I'm here to help do just that!  Everything is positioned and chosen carefully to be sure this space functions well for you and or your family.

Mood Board

Let's talk materials together!  Whether it be for furniture, curtains, pillows or paint, lets make your home a cozy oasis with some beautiful selections I've picked just for you.  I will provide you with a great reference mood board to visualize my over all design and see how all the selections I've picked relate together in your space with a custom colour palette thats catered to your wants.


Design Visualizers

If you are anything like me it's hard to visualize a design unless you see it in your space.  Sometimes you buy things bring it home, then realize it doesn't quite work after all...only to then have to return it!  Well imagine trying to bring an entire room together and having no way of seeing that before you make all those purchases??  I am so happy to provide you guys with sketches of my ideas in your very own pictures that you've sent me.  This is truly the best way to know if you are going to like your new design or not.  You will save a lot of time and money just by seeing these plans put into place using your very own rooms pictures! 

Shopping List 


Also provided will be all the shopping links you will require for any new items you may need to purchase to bring the design to life.  Not all designs will require you to go out and buy a bunch of new things though....if you just want to work with the items you currently have in your home, we can do that too!  Remember I just want you to love your home and finally be surrounded by the design of your dreams!

Interested In Getting Started?