DIY Lavender Planter

It may be -30 outside here in Calgary today, but that is not stopping me from getting into the spirit of spring time!  I have been inspired to start thinking of some fresh spring decor ideas for and I came across the cutest little lavender planters at Home Sense.  As usual I tend to look at most things before buying them wondering if it’s worth the sticker price or if this is something I can create for far less on my own.  So I decided to take a crack at a DIY version of my own using, what else but supplies from Dollar Stores! 

What you will need:

  • 10 sprigs of lavender (make sure they are the kind that can be removed from the individual stems) -  I found mind at the Dollarama for $1.25 ea.

  • Long plastic planter box (mine was about 27” wide) - Dollarama $4

  • 6 Foam floral Block (or more depending on depth of your base box) - Dollar Tree $1.25ea.

  • White Paint - I used Rustoleum Linen White Chalk paint which I had on hand, but you can pretty much use any white paint you have

  • Glue Gun

  • Paint Brush

  • Wooden Letters (Optional) - Dollarama

  • Moss (Optional) - Dollar Tree

*You can also watch on Instagram how I made this here.

Step 1:

First thing I did was paint two coats of white paint onto the exterior of my planter box, waiting for proper dry time in between coats.  I should also mention, you can also use other options for the base, such as baskets, buckets, wooden boxes...all would be cute bases for this planter.  After the paint is dried I sanded the exterior a bit to give it an old distressed look.  You can also use a metal scraper to scratch up the exterior as well to make it look more chippy.

2 coats of Rustoleum Linen white and then distressed.

Step 2:

Now you will start to pull off all the sprigs from your lavender stems and start to poke them down and into the foam blocks.  I did use my hot glue gun for a few of the outer pieces as they tended to want to fall out of the blocks. 

Detaching the lavender sprigs from the stems.

I poked the sprigs down into the foam as far as I could. Some needed to be hot glued into the foam.

Almost all full!

Step 3:

Place your lavender foam blocks carefully into your base piece.  You can hot glue down all the foam blocks together if you want to make sure they are really stuck in there. 

Step 4:

Fill in the outer areas with more pieces of foam and lavender if you feel it doesn't look full enough to your liking, or you could tuck some spanish moss down into the sides to fill in any gaps.

Step 5:

You can now hot glue on some cute letters if you would like.  I chose the word “GROW” and off set it for a bit of a unique look.  Other great word options could be “PLANT” “FRESH” “BLOOM” or “GARDEN”

And there you have it guys, a super cute easy DIY lavender planter!  This would look great up on a mantel, on a console table, a book shelf, or even a little girls room to add that feminine touch. I just love the fresh spring feel it gives to a space, even though it's totally fake lavender, he he he!

I hope you guys enjoyed these simple instructions on how to make your very own spring planter!


Dale xo


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