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DIY Basket Weave Bench

I have been wanting to get this post together for a long time you guys! In case you haven't noticed my blog game has not been very strong...oops! I wish I had 10 more arms attached to me, then I'm certain I could produce content more efficiently for you guys. Having said that one of the key things I have learned about doing anything in a creative capacity is to do it when it feels right or when the creativity comes to you naturally, rather than forcing it.

So here I am today feeling refreshed after a Christmas break, ready to take on 2020 with exciting DIY's already in my mind to share with you all! Today I am bringing you a bit of an oldie, this bench was made last year. I actually didn't create a lot of content about it as I doubted myself a whole bunch when I was making it, thinking to myself am I completely out to lunch here?

Are people gonna think this is ugly? Is it gonna be a lemon of a bench? Luckily however it turned out not only beautiful but became one of my most asked about tutorials. I had put together a video about it on Instagram, but I think you will find this blog post provides much more information needed to create this beauty, so enjoy!