Cozy Fall and Winter Wreath

Fall and winter is that time of the year that gives me all the cozy feels and vibes. I had a vision in my mind of making a new wreath for front door that incorporated those same seasonal vibes all while creating a unique statement piece at my entry. I absolutely love how this wreath turned out and in today's post I'm going to share with you all how I made it. So let's grab a few supplies and get crafty together!!

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Supplies You Will Need:

  • Wreath ring in whatever size you want, I used an 18" ring from Dollar Tree, Michaels is another source or Amazon.

  • Faux Merino Wool, I got mine at the Dollarama and Michaels

  • Jute Cord or twine, Dollarama, Michaels or Walmart

  • Natural elements, like twigs, pinecones, wheat grasses, greenery, leaves...whatever you like. You can use real of faux.

  • Hot glue gun

  • metal craft wire to attach the final touches

Loops and Threads brand from Michaels

Step 1:

First thing you want to do is split your yarn in half, meaning the pulling the pieces apart. I had a 10 meter package of yarn, and I found the yarn was too thick to knot through the wire ring so by splitting it in half I got 20 meters of yarn and it was the perfect width to do the knotting. I cut strips of yarn into 20" pieces based on my 18" wire round ring, so if you are using a different sized ring you may need to go up or down a couple inches depending on your size.

How to do the easy loop technique:

Take your 20" piece and fold it in half. Then place the inner fold on top of the inside ring of your wire round, in between #1 and #2. In the picture below I've labeled the rings from 1-3 for a better understanding.

Now pull the loop end through 1 and 2. Pull it underneath and above ring #1. Take your two ends of your yarn and now pull them through your loop and pull it tight into place on ring #1. Once your two ends are pulled through your loop, you will now pull through the ends of each piece under and over each inner wire. See video below for a better visual. just keep repeating this technique all around. Leave your yarn ends as is on the outside of your ring. This is going to give you that beautiful full look at the edge of your wreath. Here's what it starts to look like once you've started looping a few pieces.

Isn't it so cute!?

Do this technique all the way around your wreath. It's not hard to do, you just need a bit of time on your hands to get it done. I always just throw on a good show and get crafting!

Here's what it will look like after you've made your way around the entire ring. Isn't it soooo pretty just like this!? You could stop here and just fluff the ends a bit more and possibly use it for a nursery or a cool statement piece above a bed. One follower said to put a round mirror in the middle to make it an even more unique piece! What a great idea hey!? .

Step 2:

Now, let's take it a couple steps further to see how I added in the other elements to bring further texture and warmth to it. I grabbed my jute cord and cut pieces to 12" in length. I went to the outer wire on the ring and pulled apart each section of yarn that I looped in. In between the yarn I pulled the twine through and then threaded the ends of the twine into the loop. Pull it tight into place then if you want you can fray the ends to add more texture.

* You can scroll through the images below to see more details on the twine threading.

Now again you can leave it just like this. It looks so great here, I mean why mess with it any further right?? Well you guys know me and I ain't happy until I get that feeling of full satisfaction!! I knew I wanted to take it a step further and bring a sense of fall in to it.

Originally I hot glued pine cones all around it and thought it looked really cool like that, but for some reason after I looked at it up on my front door, it just didn't give me all the cozy feelings like I was wanting it to. I mean that's what I was going for all along, and I think adding all the pinecones was just too dark of a contrast against the soft yarn and it didn't balance well in my eyes. I even dry brushed some with white paint, but it didn't help.

So if you can believe it, I took off about a hundred pinecones from the front of the wreath and was left with a bit of a fizzy mess once it was all done. The front looked bad now and I was pretty bummed. I thought maybe I ruined the wreath!! I wouldn't give in though! I knew the other side of the wreath actually looked good still and had a pretty texture to it as well, so I texted my close girl friend who's also a craft guru and a serious DIY extraordinaire and went to her place where we bounced some ideas off each other and I'm not gonna may have included us driving around in our neighbourhood at 10pm in the dark to collect more pieces from nature! Now that's a good friend hey!?

We also cut some wheat grass from her yard, and snipped apart some faux eucalyptus sprigs that she had from Ikea. I got some small white faux florals and some twigs from outside. I basically just used whatever looked soft and organic. I didn't want it to look fake and forced (if that makes sense?) at all.

Here are some links to some options you could purchase if you don't have access to any of the real elements I used.



White Florals, faux cotton stems or daisy's would also be cute

Wheat Grass, you could also use pampas grass or pussy willows

Twigs or sticks

Step 3:

Here's the video of me assembling all the elements into the back side of the wreath. Now I should mention I didn't really have a system here. I started first with mainly the twigs and wheat grass, then tucked in the eucalyptus, followed by the faux white florals and then some pinecones. Just keep stepping back and taking a good look at it as you go so you see the areas that need more or less.

After I was happy with look of everything (finally) I used some craft wire to loop around everything and pull it tight to the back. I also used some hot glue to tack down various pieces that kept wanting to escape. I kept picking it up to see if it all felt intact and then just used an extra piece of jute to hand it from my wreath hook on my front door. Once it was hung up I played with the yarn a bit more, fluffing it and pulling on it here and there just to make sure it had that full fluffy feel to it....and here it is all completed on my front door guys!!

I was also lucky enough to be asked to bring my wreath to a new show home as part of their grand opening weekend here in Calgary this past weekend. Look how cute it looks on this new home builds front porch!

So what do you guys think of my new DIY wreath? I'm loving it so much for fall and plan to use it in the winter as well! I might replace the wheat grass with some red berries or pine sprigs for Christmas...your options are endless, just have fun with it!

Enjoy your day guys!